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After the Sirens; to the brink and back


Photography and Healing workshop 

There are three segments to the After the Sirens presentation and Photography in Healing workshop.

Segment one           After the Sirens        Uniformed responder session                                    0900 - 1200

                                     This approximately two hour segment is a closed session restricted to those who serve or have served in uniform

                                     including civilian, military, governmental, and private enforcement agency members.       

Segment two          
After the Sirens        For the spouses of uniformed responders             1300 - 1600

                                     This session is restricted to the spouses of uniformed responders and their guests.

Segment three       
Photography and Healing workshop                                                                1800 - 2100

                                     This workshop is designed to give uniformed responders and their spouses / partners an opportunity to release

                                     some of the stresses of the day by participating in a safe recreational activity they can continue to 

                                     participate in as they make their journey through stress related illness.

Segment four        
Pay it Forward 

                                    This optional segment has three also optional components; Feedback, Social media sharing, and Donating.

                                    The feedback component is the most important. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts on how to

                                    improve the impact of the presentation and workshop.
                                    A like or two on social media always helps get the message out there, and participants are encouraged to share

                                    their thoughts on the events of the day and to share it with their friends and colleagues in uniform.

                                    Participants interested in making a small donation to help cover the costs associated with the delivery of the

                                    presentation and workshop and facilitate its delivery to uniformed responders and agencies elsewhere

                                   can do so through a Paypal link below;

After the Sirens; Pay it Forward