My story - the short version

I am an Advanced Care Paramedic and photographer based out of Nova Scotia Canada.

When my career as a field practitioner and EMS educator ended, so almost did my life. My silver Cross pen, the throttle of my Harley, the viewfinder and lenses of my cameras, and the love of my family saved me.

I was broken when I first stumbled into photography; broken from almost two decades of immersion in the tragedy, grief, misery, and destruction that is all too common when providing emergency care to those whose lives had suddenly spiraled out of control.

The therapeutic nature of photography has proven a great grounding force for me, keeping me even and settled in good times and bad.

In 2016 I released my first Ebook titled "After the Sirens; to the brink and back", which documents much of my journey after the first sirens of my career sounded and after my final sirens were silenced. It doesn't tell the whole story, not by a tenth. Some things are best left behind.

My work in the oil and gas industry has taken me around the world several times and across the Equator more than twice. My Harley has taken me across thousands of miles of North America.

With each opportunity I am offered or create, I try to capture my experiences through the viewfinder of my Canons and the words of my blog Life; after the sirens.

Paul Harnish Photography