Paul Harnish Photography

When my love affair with photography began, I 

tried to capture everything that would stay still

long enough for me to depress the shutter

mechanism. It didn't take long to realize that 

photographing people stressed me out.

My motto quickly became "nothing that farts".

Over the next decade I did pretty much everything

I could to avoid "farter" photography, but then

every once in a while I would get a decent picture of

a "breather:", but they were rare; especially those

involving the two legged variety.

A couple of years or so ago after upgrading my lenses

 I tried my hand at people photography again, 

and the results weren't half bad. Then late 2016

In a moment of weakness

were totally unexpected.

I've spent the past year and a half building my skillset

and my  

When one of my images stimulates an emotional

response in a client, the feeling is equal to that

of the highest moments of my  paramedic and

teaching career; and that's something I never

thought I'd ever have again. 

So welcome to Paul Harnish Photography.

Small studio; big results; No upsell guarantee




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